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Some comments about previous editions of the Varsity Directory

“Just received my copy of the 2016 Directory - Great Job!”
DB, Yorkshire, UK

“I think you do a great job and your directory and online search are great and valuable tools for us.”
PJR, Zurich, Switzerland

“Best value advertising that I have ever used.”
GR, Republic of Ireland

“The book looks really good and I am pleased to be advertising again this year.”
JW, Northampton, UK

“The Directory has been very useful during the years.”
UB, Denmark

‘As ever the Directory is excellent”
VJ, Cambridge, UK

“I am really pleased you have taken the UK Varsity Directory back.”
KS, Surrey, UK

“We confirm receipt of the new edition of the Varsity International Directory. As usual, the production is excellent. Congratulations to you and your staff for a job well done.”
IM, Pennsylvania, USA

“I am very impressed”
RW, West Midlands, UK

“I was pleased to hear that you have taken back control of the Directory.”
BF, Kent, UK


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