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Title Publication Description Cost  
Varsity International Directory of Investigators and Security Consultants 2018/2019

Lists details of over 1500 Private Investigators in 170 different countries. Invaluable in helping you to quickly and easily locate a private detective to assist you in any part of the World. 18 pages of maps and other useful information.

£20.00 ($30.00 / €25.00)  
Varsity Directory of Investigators and Process Servers 2019 (UK Edition)

Lists full details of approx 500 Investigators, Security Consultants, Certificated Bailiffs, Process Servers and others throughout England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland

£20.00 ($30.00 / €25.00)  
Varsity Directory of Legal Services 2009

An invaluable reference for obtaining details of those hard-to-find experts and consultants such as forensic scientists, handwriting experts and many more.

£12.00 ($18.00 / €15.00)  
How to Find Work as a Bodyguard

A Guide to Personal Protection – a bodyguard manual by Robin Barratt, founder member of the Worldwide Federation of Bodyguards

£10.00 ($15.00 / €13.00)  

PLEASE NOTE: If you are located outside the UK, please add �5 per book for P&P to locations within Europe, and �10 per book for locations outside Europe.