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The publishers, Varsity Publications, accept no responsibility for loss or damage which may result from anyone using this Directory, including any loss or damage which may result from any lack of competence or probity, or the negligence of any investigator, consultant or service provider listed within this Directory.
Anyone using this Directory does so at their own risk. Every effort has been made during the compilation of the Directory to ensure the accuracy of information obtained and published, but the publishers cannot be held responsible in any way for any inaccuracies in the information supplied to them for publication, nor for any accidental errors or omissions. The publishers do not guarantee or warrant the credentials of any individual or company listed within this Directory and inclusion within the Directory should not be interpreted as a recommendation of a company or individual to undertake particular instructions. Similarly, no criticism is implied of any company or individual who may for any reason have been omitted from this Directory.
Users of this Directory should satisfy themselves before instructing an individual or company listed that the individual or company in question is properly licensed in accordance with the requirements of the Country or Countries in which they will be operating, and will comply with the laws thereof. In addition, users should use their own judgement and skill in satisfying themselves that the individual or company selected is competent and suitable to undertake the service(s) offered, before commissioning.

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